San Diego Shenanigans

San Diego, CA
July 8-10, 2016

 New year, new blog post! Ha, JK! This is another post that is way overdue (half a year overdue) but it is exciting because it is a longer-than-a-day-trip blog post! I actually think this particular set of photos is what set me so far behind on all my blog posts because there were SO many photos and I could never find enough time to sit down and edit them all. But alas, enough with the excuses, it is done the post is here and let’s jump right in!

This trip was a little bit different for me in that I did not go with my usual group of friends (aka Oxie), nor did I plan it! My older sister Irina and her pals organized a mini getaway to San Diego and invited me to join. Naturally, I said yes because who can turn down an excuse to travel for longer than a day?


Our first full day in San Diego was when we did the majority of the touring. We went to explore Balboa Park, and y’all this place is so huge. There is so much to do there, that we didn’t get even get around to all of it because we’re a bunch of babies that got too tired and just wanted to go relax by a beach (ok fine, I confess, I was the baby who wanted to stop walking).


There was so much ground to cover: the outside art and souvenir/trinket market, gardens galore, international houses, museums and galleries a plenty, and even a zoo somewhere that we never made it to. Ok, so technically the zoo isn’t part of the park, but it’s so close to it, it might as well be.


My personal favorite part of the park was the small Timken Museum of Art which was free to enter! Yay free things! We spent a lot of time in there because A, air conditioning, and B, art is so cool, duh!


Everything about the museum was amazing from the walls, to the frames the held the art.



Afterwards, we went to the beach and spent the rest of the day lounging around.


The following day we got breakfast… er brunch, at the cutest little cafe called Chocolat, before heading to Seaport Village to do some more exploring.


At Seaport we walked into all the cute little shops, saw the infamous “First Kiss” statue, and then I decided to buy a kite so we could fly it!


It is so much harder than it looks to fly kites. I do not understand how this is an activity for little kids. But I will say, it was a ton of fun trying to get the kite up and not crash down on any passersby heads.

The last thing we did before heading home was go to the top floor of a hotel that I do not remember the name of anymore (oops), to their skyview deck.


And that wrapped up our mini getaway to San Diego! It was a lot of walking, relaxing, exploring, and just overall having a good time. Next time though, I think I would like to spend even more time in San Diego so that I could hit up more beaches and actually go to the zoo!

‘Till next time!

xoxo Ollie! ❤



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  1. Ah this is so cute! I remember you snaps lol Also, crazy throw back to our trip there together with Leo and your sisters Haha. Now there’s a blog! Sting rays, Longboard scars, underwater photos… If only one of us had a decent camera (and this blog) back then. Good ol’ days! ❤

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