Zinnia Dreams

Dunnigan, CA
July 2, 2016

So even though it’s already November, ya home girl Ollie here again to hook you up with a new summer tradition that you need to  establish if you’re from the Greater Sacramento region. My older sister Diana heard from a friend, who heard from a cousin, who heard from her aunt’s boyfriend’s dog’s sweet potato (or something like that) about a nifty flower patch that grew free zinnias! Free flowers? Yes please!


According to local legend (and by local legend I mean a blog post that my sister showed me about this place) the zinnias are grown by a kind soul who maintains the field and leaves them open to the public 24/7. They only ask that when picking bouquets for yourself, to also pick a bouquet for someone who could not come out there themselves: old people, sick people, etc. I decided mine would be for my lovely Mama!

So obviously I grabbed my favorite fellow flower/plant lover, Oxie, and our really good friend Stacie to go check out this magical flower field.


However, per usual, before we actually made it to the flower field, we got lost. Which really wasn’t so bad because we found this pretty flowering tree and took a few photos by it (we’re obviously still fobs at heart, just a little bit more “hip”).


Luckily we called up my great-with-directions-brother-in-law, Roman, who helped us find the zinnia field. Thanks Roman, you da real MVP!


We spent the rest of the afternoon searching for the prettiest zinnias to add to our bouquets.


In hindsight, we really should have brought vases with water for our flowers because they started to wilt on the way home. Luckily, mine were revived after I put them into ice water at home. Stacie’s were not so lucky, as she said hers only lasted a day or two after she brought them home.

Basically though, it was a wonderful afternoon, and if free flowers are your thing (and it should be cause its free) and you’re willing to drive half an hour to Dunnigan this is definitely a fun thing to do in the summer! You can read more about it and how to get there on the “local legend” blog I was talking about earlier.

You’re welcome!

xoxo Ollie! ❤



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  1. oh man!!! i miss our road trips with just us two!!! 😭😭😭😭

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