Seattle: Series of Unfortunate Events

Seattle, WA
April 20-22, 2016

Y’all, let me tell you a little story about a jampacked-with-events weekend Oxie and I had. We booked a ticket to Seattle because we wanted to see a bridge. Well, a bridge among other things, but mostly just because of the bridge. Is that a good enough reason? It is for us! We both work full time and couldn’t get any days off during the week day so we had to plan accordingly. Friday evening, after work we went straight to the airport to check into our seven o’clock flight. Of course, the flight is delayed so we decide to use that time to eat at Cafeteria 15L in the airport lounge!


After we finished eating, and while we were in the restroom we heard our names called over the intercom for the last call to board. Guys, I have never ran faster, with my luggage in tow, in my life. Barely made it, but we boarded the plane and landed in Seattle a few short hours later. After getting our car rental, we drove to our host’s house for the weekend. We stayed with a nice lady named Nora who we booked through Airbnb. (By the way, if you click here to sign up through me, you save like $20 or $35 off your first booking, that’s what I did!) Anywho, enough shameless couponing, let’s move the plot along.


The plan was to wake up early Saturday morning and head out to our first destination, and also the main purpose of this trip. But of course we woke up super late and decided we would just go there to catch the sunset. After taking our sweet time getting ready we scoured yelp for brunch ’cause I was feeling egg benedicts. Y’all, Oxie found this place called Peyrassol Cafe and they had egg benedict with char and oh mah guuursh. I’m just going to let the photos speak for themselves.


Basically, brunch was a success, minus the sad lemon they gave us. Oh well, my tummy was happy and we were ready to start our two hour drive to Vance Creek Bridge. So here is where we run into a major plot twist in our story. After about an hour of driving, the road gets suspiciously bumpy. We switch lanes, road still bumpy. I dunno man, the road looks nicely paved. Pull off to the shoulder, holy moly our tire is gone. RIP.


So then we’re like ok, that’s fine, we’ve changed tires before, let’s get the spare. Folks, there was no spare! And we are about an hour away from Seattle and this is when the awful truth sinks in, we didn’t purchase insurance because “what could go wrong in two days?”. Apparently a lot. Long story short we had to get our car towed; RIP $275, Hawaii, and any other plans we had for the next month or so.


After a painfully awkward ride back to the car rental station we came to deal with the mess we had in our hands. Unfortunately, because Oxie booked the car under her name everything had to be done with her insurance, and for some unknown reason she has the worst luck in the world. Getting a claim number never seemed more impossible in my life. A few hours, the car rental employees’ sympathies, and several phone conversations with insurance agents later, we got the golden ticket: a claim number and keys to our replacement ride!


It was officially too late to go to the bridge so we settled on exploring Pike Place Market and all the little places on my bucketlist. First Starbucks: check. Gumwall: check. Eat from a street vendor: check. Grab coffee from super hip hole in the wall cafe: check. Jk, that last one wasn’t an actual bucket list item. But the coffee was good, no lie.


After all the walking we did, we decided it was time to eat and went back to Etta’s, a restaurant we spotted earlier. Guys, I literally cannot say enough good things about this place. First of all, our waitress Adrienne was bae. She basically set the standards for restaurant service really high and I’m not sure how I’ll go back to any other restaurant. Just kidding, you already know I’ll go back to other restaurants, I’ve got a list to finish!


But anywho, after Adrienne’s recommendations we ordered pasta and crab cakes and oysters (I have always wanted to try them and feel fancy and what not).


After we finished eating it started to get chilly outside at this point and Adrienne brought us blankets!! She legit came and wrapped us in the softest blankets I ever felt and I just melted at their hospitality. Then when looking at their dessert menu and not finding what we wanted, she pulled some strings and had their next door restaurant make us a chocolate lava cake thing. Best. Service. Ever.


Basically, it’s safe to say we were very happy campers. After sitting around some more and just taking everything in, we headed off to our next and last destination: the Space Needle!


Finally, after countless times of being in Washington, we made it to the Space Needle and actually got to go up to the observation deck. It was so cold up there. So windy. And the rain really didn’t help. But the view was gorgeous and it was cool to be able to walk around the entire deck and get a 360 of the city.


Also, this was when my camera battery gave out because I didn’t charge it before the trip. Again, because I thought: “what could possibly happen in two days?”. Tired, cold, and yet very satisfied, we called it a day and headed back to our temporary home. The next day we had an early wake up call that we could not sleep through.

Oxie called up her friend Philip whom she met on her previous trip to Seattle, to join us on our roadtrip to Vance Creek Bridge part two. Around 6:30 am we picked him up and headed to Olympia where the bridge was located. Luckily we made it there with our tires still intact and started on the trail. After a short twenty minute hike, we made it! There is was: the bridge we saw so many times on Instagram!


Not gonna lie, getting on the bridge for the first time was pretty terrifying. I even had a little melt down when I looked down for the first time. But the longer we spent up there, the more comfortable I got. We even managed to walk to the center of the bridge and sit on the edge.


Once more people started to show up, we took that as our cue to head back. We returned to Seattle, dropped off Philip, and still had a few hours before our flight home, so we decided to take a nap in our car. About an hour before we had to check into our flight, we went back to Pike’s and bought their famous bouquets to take home as a souvenir.


Surprisingly, they made it through security. But on our flight (and with our luck) the lady seated next to us was severely allergic to flowers. The flight attendants had to take away the flowers and hold on to them for the flight. Which, was cool cause we had more room to sit, but it was super embarrassing standing in the middle of the aisle with everyone staring at us.

In the end, everyone made it back to Sacramento safely, including our bouquets,and the lady sitting next to us. It was a fun weekend full of tons of goods and bads, but like any bucket list checking adventure, I was exhausted and more than ready to greet my bed.

xoxo Ollie ❤

p.s. Head over to Oxie’s blog for her recount of the adventure!



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  1. Oh wow! I did not know that you guys had a flat tire!! Lol!! I would seriously have had a panic attack or something lol! That bridge looks a whole lot of shakey and unstable to me… And you guys sat on the edge too! Brr just thinking about it makes me nervous lol!

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