Mellow Mendocino

Mendocino, CA
April 16-19, 2016

By golly! A real vacation that lasted longer than a weekend! My family and I finally went on our long overdue getaway to cabins and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Thanks to my favorite traveling couple, Tanya & Andrey, who booked a little house right on the coast in a tiny town called Westport, we were able to get half the family out there. Upon arrival (we came there at night) the first thing I noticed was that you can literally hear the ocean waves from your bedroom window. Basically I was in heaven and I knew right then and there: I was going to have a fabulous time.

The next morning while my sisters were making breakfast, my other sister Irina and I took the kids down to the beach. Guys, I don’t think I can even emphasize enough how amazing it was to have the beach right down the street. And the best part was, because it was a tiny town, we had the beach all to ourselves for basically the entire time we stayed there!


After an hour of playing tag with the waves, picking wild flowers, and making flower crowns, it was time to head back inside and have breakfast (which by the way was on our backyard patio, with a glorious view of the Pacific Ocean). Can you tell I was excited? No? Well then, you’ll just have to take my word for it: I was.


After breakfast (slash nap, because I’m on vacation and I will use every moment I can to catch up on sleep) we piled into our cars and headed to the sand dunes a few minutes away. So we get there right, and everywhere you look there are endless piles of sand, and you think “that looks like the perfect barefoot walking condition”. Right? Wrong! As my nieces and I quickly learned, the sand was scorching hot and as my dad liked to put it “a little taste of hell”. Folks, stay out of trouble, cause if hell is worse than walking barefoot through the sand dunes, you ded. You screwed. It t’was not pleasant. Again, just take my word for it.


Besides the heat and sunburn that I got (because I never learn that the elements simply don’t like me) it was really quite beautiful, and it was fun pretending we were in the Sahara desert trekking through the wilderness trying to survive. After everyone was thoroughly fried, we drove down to Glass Beach to cool off and then back home to our cabin._DSC0119_DSC0172

The following day my parents, little brother, and brothers in law all went fishing, leaving Tanya, Diana, and I with the kids. So we decided to head down to our beach again and spend the day relaxing.


In case you haven’t already figured it out, this was a super laid back vacation. Typically when I travel I try to hit as many places as possible and check off all my bucket list items. This change of pace, however, was very dearly welcomed and I took advantage of every single time slot for a nap. Which of course happened to be on the beach, where I got another sunburn. Oh well, just more battle scars.


After dinner Tanya and Andrey left us to babysit their kids so they could get some alone time. I was in charge of my nephew Oleg, so I obviously took advantage of this opportunity to go and use him as my model (’cause he is ah-door-able).


I walked around with him for a little bit before he got bored and wanted to go home, and that was basically the end of that day.

The next day was our last day in Mendocino, and after packing up all of our things we drove to a different beach to take in the ocean one last time. I didn’t grab my camera for this part of the day so I didn’t get any photos. But basically, in the same manner as the rest of the trip, we spent the day lounging around on an isolated beach (my parents & brothers were fishing). After the kids got soaked from not running away from the waves fast enough, and the fish stopped getting caught, we decided it was time to say goodbye and go back to reality.


I will say though, the next day I woke up earlier than ever and was super early to work (and in a great mood!). So even though my family teased me about the amount of times I took naps, it clearly worked because I was super rested after this vacation. And that, to me, means it was a success!

xoxo Ollie ❤



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    The photos are fabulous! As always… And even more so, I’m past the point of jealousy! 😭 I need to go someplace where I don’t suffer expensive consequences.

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  2. Ahh ’twas a great trip indeed 😊
    And I even saved that one picture where I was with Roman! So thank you for that 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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