Sunny Daze Ahead

Southern California
January 23-24, 2016

After an unsuccessful weekend the previous week, Oxie and I decided it was time for a getaway “just because”. Limited to just two days over the weekend, and yearning for warmer climates, we decided to drive down to Los Angeles and check a couple items off of our bucket lists.

As always, our original plan of driving out early didn’t work out. But I think everything turned out even better because we got to have breakfast with Oxie’s sister and her husband before leaving. Finally on the road and about three hours in, we were surrounded by the gorgeous hills and canyons in Southern California, otherwise known as Angeles National Forest. The sun was setting, the clouds were turning purple-pink (my favorite type of sunset), and the hills seemed to go on forever. Obviously we had to pull over and take pictures. It was super windy, by the way, and the air was freezing; not exactly the kind of temperature we were hoping to get.


But it was totally worth it because how gorgeous is this landscape. I mean just woah; thanks for agreeing with me. Anyways around six in the evening, we finally made it to Los Angeles and met up with an old acquaintance of ours (who would be lending us a bed in his apartment for the night) took us out for a tour of DTLA.

We drove through Rodeo Drive, walked through the Staples Center Plaza, watched illegal hot dog vendors run away from the authorities and pack all their stuff into what Oxie and I call “sausage vans”, drank coffee from the gLAnce Lobby Bar at the top of the Ritz Carlton hotel while overlooking the skyline, and finally we stopped by the Urban Lights because we are tourists and that is what we do.


By this point, Oxie and I were ready to hit the hay so we headed back to our buddy’s apartment and called it a night. The next morning, we were actually up early and had breakfast at eight in the morning before heading over to the Santa Monica Beach & Pier.

For the record, there are so many people being fit and healthy and jogging on the beach it made me feel like I needed to improve my habits. But then again, a lot of things make me want to change my diet and I have yet to actually act upon those whims. Anywho, because it was in the middle of January and not too warm, there were hardly any people at the beach (besides the joggers). When we got to the pier, everything was closed and I assumed that the rides were not open due to the season. But after strolling around some more, shops began to open up, and I found out that the rides opened at eleven in the morning.Β Which I was pretty bummed about because I really wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but we couldn’t stick around for that long. Next time!


After stocking up on postcards, strolling around the shops, and I bought cotton candy (of which I threw away a majority because Oxie didn’t want any and there’s only so much sugar I can intake, shocking I know!) it was time to head to our next destination: Coon Creek Coves in San Luis Obispo.

The drive there was three hours long, but it was nice because for a good chunk of the time we drove right along the coast. I honestly love driving by the ocean so much, I hope to one day move there. At one point we spotted a pier jutting off the side of the road that connected to a little island, so obviously we pulled over. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, we learned that the pier was undergoing construction, so there was no access. Sad face.


After a quick little photoshoot, we were on our way to continue the journey to the coves. Even though the drive was beautiful, at this point I was really starting to feel the lack of sleep we got from the previous night, and thinking about the five hour drive home really made me lose my excitement to see the coves. Once we finally got there, Oxie and I were both totally over it and stayed for about half an hour before finally starting our journey home.


Even though the coves were super cool, I was looking forward to cuddling up in my bed and getting a good night’s sleep.

Overall, I had a ton of fun on this trip. Who knew in just under 48 hours I would experience a full range of emotions from excitement and laughing until our tummies hurt, to exhaustion and wanting to rip my hair from my head. Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Luis Obispo, you have been good to us; but we are always exhilarated to be back home.

xoxo Ollie ❀

ps. On a side note, I must mention that driving back along highway 101 helped made the drive home easier. There were green hills for miles and miles and Oxie and I could not get enough of how gorgeous the landscape was. Next time if we have more time, I want to make a random stop and have a picnic on the side of the road to just enjoy the scenery. #goals



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  1. it’s too crazy how many things I worded almost exactly the same lol I’m going to have to go change a few things now πŸ˜‚ love it tho!! πŸ’• as always! fan-girling like crazy

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  2. just casually stalking you. as always lol thought I should mention how much I LOVE your title! sunny DAZE ahead!! you’re so great! πŸ’•πŸ˜‚

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  3. Wow, some of these pictures look really awesome! Good job kiddo ;))

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  4. Dude these pictures are so amazing!!

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  5. How could you not have eaten all the cotton candy?? You could have brought it back home for me! I love that stuff! Well… on the rare occasion of when I get to snag a little from the kids lol

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