Dangerous Heights

Foresthill Bridge in California
December 19th, 2015

Great news people! Our planet Earth is back on its normal rotation because Oxie has finally returned to me and we are back to our normal grind! And by normal grind, I mean making elaborate plans for the weekend and then oversleeping and deciding to do something simpler. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Since she has returned we have been planning on either staying up all night or waking up super early to catch the sunrise. This past weekend, we finally decided we were going to wake up around four in the morning, have a lovely breakfast, get picture ready, and drive out to the first patch of snow we found. Five o’clock in the morning came and upon inspecting the outside world through the window (it was pouring rain and super dark out), we decided we didn’t actually have to be there that early in the morning. So we snoozed the alarm and slept for another four hours.

Once we were finally awake, we started to get ready for our day ahead of us. Then we received a phone call from my concerned parents warning me that a trip to the snow was a bad idea because it was supposed to be heavily snowing and we did not have chains for Oxie’s prius. (Thank you Mom & Dad for always looking out for me!) With this new kink in our plans so we decided we would catch the sunset instead and watch it from Foresthill Bridge in Auburn. If you do not know what that is, standing at 730 ft high, it is the tallest bridge in the state of California and the fourth tallest in the United States of America. Woah, I know. Go there if you haven’t already (but if you live in Sacramento then you probably have).


After several hours of taking our sweet time getting ready (Oxie got a haircut and I got cornrows, thank you Olesya!) we were finally ready to head out around three in the afternoon. A short drive later we arrived to our destination with just enough time to get a couple of pictures before the sun began to set.


I love our adventures with Oxie because we will certainly end up doing something ridiculous to get a good picture. This time we spotted a beautiful tree covered in moss, so obviously I had to climb it. Folks, let me tell you something about these adorable sassy booties I have on, they are not made for climbing. In fact, I, as a whole, am not made for climbing. But I did it for the picture and risked my life for a couple of photos. True commitment right there. Admire it at your own will.


After somehow gathering the courage to jump off of the tree, we moved on to take pictures under the actual bridge. You used to be able to climb up onto the bridge (if you dared) and walk on the catwalk. But, they have since fenced off any easily accessible climbing routes (and for good reason). I mean I am sure if you’re extra committed, super sneaky, and maybe are spiderman, you could do it. But Oxie and I were not wearing the proper shoes (zoom in to our adorable yet impractical booties) nor did I want to risk my life for the second time that day. Maybe next time. Maybe.


The bridge wall is however, covered in vibrant graffiti and makes for an awesome backdrop!


While we were taking the last of our photos and the sun began setting, I noticed that from behind the bridge fog started to roll in. That was probably my favorite part of the day, because guys, it is so breathtaking! The fog moves so slowly, but fast enough that when you turn away for a minute it seems to have doubled in size. It’s pretty crazy and spectacular. Anywho, soon after other people began to show up and we no longer had the bridge to ourselves, the temperature also drastically dropped and we were not ready to face the cold so we decided it was time to head home.


Overall, Foresthill Bridge is a fantastic photo op, as long as you stay safe and don’t do anything too crazy. ‘Cause, you know, a slight misstep and you could go tumbling down to your death… But still worth nonetheless (unless you die, in which case don’t tell me I didn’t warn you)! In other news, it is awesome to be reunited with my homeslice Oxie (go to her blog to read about this adventure from her perspective) and it means there will be many more weekend adventure blogs coming up!

Until next time, stay safe and Merry Christmas!

xoxo Ollie! ❤



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  1. how fabulous lol you’re right. we did basically cover the same things haha and yes. another adventure awaits!!

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