Freezing Toes

Donner Lake
December 6th, 2015

Being unprepared for different kinds of weather is very quickly becoming a recurring theme for me. From getting fried in Florida to almost getting frostbite at the Global Winter Wonderland (or at least it felt like I did), I can never seem to figure out how to dress appropriately. For someone who does as much research as I do, I shouldn’t be having this problem. But alas, I am, because I always underestimate the heat or cold. Can you blame me for thinking I can pull off cute booties in the snow and still be completely fine? Don’t answer that.


 Anywho, now that I have a “fancy” camera, I am basically a professional photographer ready for family photoshoot booking! (Ha! Just kidding, book my brother instead). My lovely sister Tanya took this opportunity to grab my camera (and me) to take her annual Christmas card picture. Obviously, I’m not one to say no to an opportunity to take some pictures and freeze my poor toes, so I happily obliged!


Right after Sunday morning church, we drove up north to Donner Lake. When we finally got there, it was actually snowing. SNOWING! I don’t know why I get so excited about snow, but I do (because it is just so gosh darn beautiful, duh). Unfortunately by the time we got the kids picture-ready, it stopped so I couldn’t get any pictures of it. Insert sad face here.


After quickly snapping a couple pictures of my sister and her family, they went back to the car to change into warmer clothes (because they came prepared and I didn’t). Once they were all bundled up and I could feel my feet again, we went back outside to actually enjoy the snow. Sledding, snowball fights, and snowmen building oh my!


After everyone totally froze over we were all ready to go back home. As much as I love a gorgeous landscape covered in a blanket of white, I also like to have feeling in all of my body parts. So we packed up our sleds and headed back to our warmer and ever welcoming Sacramento.

In a totally unrelated side note, after several months abroad, my best friend Oxie is finally coming home for good! I’m picking her up from the airport this weekend, so stay tuned for that adventure!

xoxo Ollie ❤



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  1. Thanks dearest sister for enduring his day with us.

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  2. Wow these pictures turned out really well! Your camera is actually really nice! Glad you figured out to charge your battery this time lol!

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  3. The cold. Frozen toes. Being extra extra cold. I miss it.

    Poor kids and their little red noses lol

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  4. You look amazing!!!! After seeing these pictures I suddenly got the urge to run away to some snowy mountain faaaar away for a few days haha:)

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  5. Ahh my dear… When will you ever learn to dress appropriately to the weather? It’s ok, as long as you got great images, that’s all that matters, right?

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  6. If you ever call yourself an amateur again… i will shoot you! (pun intended)… youhave officially moved up to intermediate lol

    btw.. obviously i cant wait to be the talk of your blog 😉 and vise versa! so soon!!!! Its down to less than a day for me over here

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