The Squatting Sport

Boreal Mountain Resort
December 5, 2015

So last time I shared my excitement over fake snow and how pretty it was; but this weekend I actually got to go up North and experience the real deal! Well, it was really at the insistence of my snowboarding obsessed sister, Irina.


Unlike most people, I do not share the same enthusiasm for this sport that consists of squatting down a mountain at high speeds with a slight chance of totally bruising your bottom (or in my case, 100% likelihood of leaving in pain). But somehow my sister managed to talk me into going with her and her friends (she told me she would pay for me) and I figured it was a great opportunity to use my new camera. In all honesty, that was the only thing I was looking forward to: getting an awesome picture from the top of the mountain, cause the view is something else.

Our adventure began with a snack pick up of pocky sticks for the road. Guys, if you have not tried chocolate on a pretzel stick you need to rush to the nearest Asian market, European market, Safeway or wherever else they sell these things, and introduce them into your life! You can thank me later. Or hate me because you’re on your seventh box with no sign of stopping in sight.


Obviously we needed to make a food stop and grab some Subway for energy!


So we finally arrive to our destination: Boreal Mountain Resort! It’s chilly outside, the mountain looks promising, not too many people, plenty of snow, we’re putting on our boots and what not, I take out my camera to take a picture, and guess what? The battery died! Along with the battery, any shred of excitement I had died with it. RIP, it was good knowing you. I know, I know, I already lectured myself. How could I not check the battery life? Did I think it would last forever? (Apparently I did). So kicking myself for my unprepared nature, I drudged along with everyone else, up the mountain (well not really because, lifts duh).


Once at the top, I resorted to my previous ways and used my good ol’ iPhone to take pictures, up until that died too. Are you guys seeing a pattern here? Sigh.


Last time I went snowboarding was the previous season, earlier this year. I have gone a total of about maybe four times in my lifetime, so it is safe to say I am not really any good at this activity. After about three times down the mountain, having completely frozen my hands and feet, and feeling exhausted, I decided it was time for a break.


 After recharging myself with food, and my phone with apple juice (haha, get it?), I was ready to hit the slopes again. The rest of the night was a blur of clipping my bindings in and out, a numb feeling on my face and extremities, burning sensation in my arms and legs (talk about a work out, I am still sore even as I type this), and just a lot of tumbling down the mountain in general.


But I am a survivor and I made it out alive. Even though I was the first one to say I was done for the day, I still consider myself a trooper (way to toot my own horn). I took away two things from that day; the first: properly charge all of your devices (even if it is just for safe measure). The second: dress warmer and come prepared! But if we’re all being honest, you and I both know I didn’t actually learn my lesson about dressing warmer. I never fail to underestimate how cold the cold actually is.

So this is farewell, until my next post about my unfailing way of doing something wrong! Stay tuned!

xoxo Ollie ❤



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  1. Can’t wait to get my board out!


  2. i felt like i was there lol the sad thing is, youre in sunny california and youre seeing snow before me!!! how sad i am.. on the bright side, illbe home sooon!!!!!

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  3. Ahaha! I can’t believe you didn’t charge your camera! It’s ok maybe it was for the better. Maybe you would have sat on it while tumbling down the hill… That would not have been too good…

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