Winter Wonderland

You guys! I got a camera! A real working camera! After tons of research, advice from my fellow photographer friends, and the “go ahead” from my brother and dad (yes I am twenty and still ask my dad for approval, his opinion is valuable okay?) I bought a Nikon D3300. So here is the thing, I actually know very, very little about how to use a DSLR. My basic knowledge includes setting it on auto, looking into the viewfinder, and clicking the button that takes the picture (please don’t kill me photographer friends, I know I don’t know the correct terminology!). Anywho, I am sure after a little bit of practice (or a lot, definitely a lot) I will be able to share, with you guys, my experiences through HD quality pictures! Or maybe not, you guys can be the judge of that.

So the first time time I took my camera out with me and practiced using it, was to the Global Winter Wonderland. “What is that?” you ask. Well my friends, I wouldn’t be Ollie if I didn’t tell you all about it and convinced you to go for yourself!


The Global Winter Wonderland is basically a carnival but during the winter and with giant lantern displays. This is the second year we have it here in Sacramento, and obviously I am going to make a tradition of coming here for as long as they keep setting it up! General admission is $18 for adults, but folks I suggest you check Groupon or Walgreens. Do not buy it directly through their website! I paid $27 for two general admission tickets from Groupon, which is $13.50 per person (what a deal!). You can check their website for other pricing options like the unlimited rides wristband or a skate rental session.


There are so many things you can do at the Global Winter Wonderland! You can walk around and gawk at the huge themed lanterns (this year the lanterns were based on the seasons), ride exciting rides at the carnival area, test your luck and attempt to win a stuffed animal from one of the many games (I never win so I stopped trying), skate your heart out on their outdoors ice skating rink, do a little bit of “holiday shopping” if you’re into that (naturally, I passed), take photos with santa, eat carnival food, and my personal favorite: watch the Acrobats on Ice show!


Another one of my favorite parts of the Global Winter Wonderland is not an official attraction but a feature of the winter lantern scene. They set up a snow machine that sends out a flurry of “snow” that are actually bubbles. Because we do not get snow in Sacramento (and thank God because I cannot deal with all the trouble that comes with that) it was fun imagining that I was in the middle of a blizzard–minus the cold, wind, and other unpleasantness.


Speaking of cold, I would 100% recommend that you come bundled, to the maximum, in warm clothes. The first year I went, I only wore a thin knit sweater and I froze to death. This year I was smarter and wore several layers of clothes. Unfortunately in this round of Ollie vs. winter cold, the cold won. After about one hour, I was left numb in several of my extremities and so I made the decision to leave a little early before I got frostbite.


So other than the cold, it was a ton of fun! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I will definitely return so I could go with my BFF Oxie and I suggest you go too, if you haven’t already!


Ollie ❤



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  1. You didn’t post a single picture of yourself! Ahh it looks so cool! If only they would do this in the summer when the air was a tad bit warmer…

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    • Well you see, I was the one with the camera and I was too busy trying to figure out all the settings that I didn’t have time to ask Leo to take a picture of me lol. And they do have one in the summer… It’s the state fair lol! 😂


  2. Wow it’s pretty colorful! Love the contrast of bright colors in such a dark night! Also this looks like a really good advertisement for this place, they should pay you for this..

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  3. dude! you did really well with the lighting! the photos look great! For an ameatur youre really not that ameatur! cant wait to see you! 🙂 miss you boo thang!

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  4. These are pretty amazing pictures, considering it was your first time using a DSLR! So pretty!


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