Let the Festivities Begin!

It’s beginning to look a lot like my favorite time of the year! Brace yourselves Californians, winter is upon us, the temperatures are officially dropping, my dad is listening to Christmas music, and we may not see eighty degree weather for another couple of months. However, as much as I like the heat, I love Christmas-time and all the traditions that come with it. One of my absolute favorite traditions is visiting the Downtown Ice Rink on the Kay. There’s nothing quite like ice skating, coffee, and twinkling lights, to get excited about the most festive time of the year.

My first time this year was with a small portion of my family. While waiting on my older sister, Tanya (and her kids), Irina, David and I went to grab some food and coffee in the nearby shops. We went to Estelle’s Patisserie where I got a sandwich and then across the street for some lattes and tea at Temple Coffee Roasters.


Because I care about you guys and your experience here in Sacramento, I wanted to give you a fair warning. While Temple has become one of my favorite places for a vanilla latte, they are seriously lacking in customer service. Every time I have gone in (except maybe once, shoutout to the nice guy who answered all my questions and made me an awesome latte!) I always felt like I was being looked down upon for my addiction to sugar and lack of “hip-ness”. Can you blame me for liking my lattes sweet? Don’t answer that if you are a coffee snob. Anywho, if you can deal with the barista’s cold shoulder, hop on in and try a latte. And if you’re feeling kind of adventurous, they have plenty of other stuff on their menu that I never really explored because I am too basic for that kind of fancy stuff.


Finally, after my sister had arrived and we headed over to the best part: the skating! For $8 you get your admission, and for an additional $2 you get the skates. If you’re like me and you bring your own skates, it’s important to know that you can save $2! But if you are not skating at all, it’s totally free to watch!


We got super lucky because we went on a day where there were maybe about fifteen or so people on the ice with us (I could be wrong, I didn’t try to count, and my sense of numbers may be flawed). This is ideal because the ice stays nice and smooth, and you can do more than just penguin squish your way between the crowds.


There were a couple photographers there who were taking pictures for the event and two of them reached out to me and I got some pretty cute photos. Thank you Julia and Xing!


The one of my skates is by Julia, and the following three were taken by Xing.

Processed with VSCOcam with e1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with e1 preset

Even though the rink is small, and the ice is not always the best, I still love coming to the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink. As far as ambience and environment goes, it will be my favorite. Although who knows, it is my mission to explore all the local ice rinks, so stay tuned!


Until then as always,

xoxo Ollie ❤



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  1. Ahh this post was too short!! Lol I was so ready to keep on reading! We want more! We want more! Lol next time hopefully we’ll get to join you guys on the rink as well!

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  2. No invite to ice rink?

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  3. I still dont like ica skating lol but I go because I love you and somehow you make it more enjoyable ❤ also, I approve of you deciding to work on these rather than "work" lol love you!


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