Traveling Tanya

I love my family. And while I love my family, I specifically love my sisters even more! I could go on and on talking about how great they all are and how much I have learned from each one of them. I could probably make a separate blog post for each of them. But that’s not what I’m doing here today. I wanted to talk about the sister that inspired me to love adventures and travels from a young age.

When we were little, my parents always took my family on day trips. We were never rich so we couldn’t ever go on fancy family vacations. Our getaways usually consisted of piling everyone into cars (an entire family of eleven plus whomever decided to tag along) and driving a couple hours out of the city on a Saturday. My parents liked forests and nature so we went to the Redwood National Park more times than I could count. We also made frequent trips to the beach; my parents favorite (and mine to this day too) was Stinson Beach. But then after everyone started to grow older and began doing their own things, going as a whole family became less frequent. Luckily for me, around that time my sister Tanya got a boyfriend/fiancé/husband. I don’t quite remember if the trips began before or after she and her current husband (Andrey) were married. In any case, they loved to go on day trips as well, and I remember a whirlwind of going on scenic hikes, having bonfires on beaches, and ice skating in Lake Tahoe. They usually brought a crowd of people along, for which I was grateful because it meant I got to go too! At the time I was considered a “little kid” and usually not taken seriously enough to get tagged along on adventures. But Tanya would take me and I remember thinking how cool she was for always going somewhere and willing to drive a few hours to enjoy what California had to offer. Long story short, she made me fall in love with the long curvy rides and beautiful destinations.

The best part is, fast forward a couple of years and three kids later, she and her husband are still one of the most “travelling” people I know. They are always using their free time to go out somewhere with their kids–whether it be Six Flags, Alaska, a nearby park, or most recently: Montara State Beach. This was a trip I actually got to tag along with!

Sunday morning, right after the early morning church service, we hopped into their van with two of my other sisters (Sophie & Irina), crammed between their kids (Dina, Igor, & Oleg), and drove off to spend the rest of the day relaxing at the beach!


The weather in the Bay Area is so fickle, so when there is a day that is not cold/breezy/foggy/humid/weird (you get the point) everyone rushes over to the nearest beach to soak up the sun. We passed several beaches completely filled with people, and when we got to our final destination, it was no exception. Albeit, less crowded than the previous ones we had just passed so I wasn’t complaining. Besides, I was too busy running around taking pictures of my adorable niece and nephews.


IMG_4669 IMG_4657IMG_5610

The kids loved the water so much, they spent the entire time running back and forth with the waves. They had to take a small intermission to get warm and play in the sand. But then back to the water it was. When it was time to leave, while we were gathering all our stuff, they went with their dad for one last stroll along the beach. They came back wet, sandy, and extremely happy!

IMG_4712IMG_5351IMG_4967IMG_5686IMG_5626 IMG_5541IMG_5423IMG_5288IMG_5134

We all piled back into the van, said our goodbyes to the beach, and headed home.

It was such a nice (and much needed) little getaway; I enjoyed spending time with my niece and nephews and am in awe of my sister and her husband who make it a priority to have family outings and adventures. It proves to show once a wanderlust at heart, always a wanderlust a heart. ❤




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  1. Love this post; what beautiful pictures! Good job.

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  2. Aw im so jelly i couldn’t come! The kids would have enjoyed it so much! Eh… Till next time…
    Ps. I love the picture you took of Dina!

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  3. Omg the pictures are on point!!!! Was that your iPhone or a camera?

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