Feeling Local

Ollie’s brilliant tip of the week: be a tourist in your own city! I have been wanting to explore the downtown area of Sacramento for awhile now, and a few days ago I finally got around to actually doing it. I hadn’t seen my favorite golden haired beauty, Lillie, for almost two weeks. So we planned a mandatory date night. As soon as the clock ticked four, I grabbed my stuff, ran out of my work office, and drove to our meet-up location: Elliott Fouts Gallery in Midtown Sacramento. Which by the way is an excellent date/activity for the broke and cheap, aka myself. The gallery is entirely free to view; unless you want to take a piece of art home, those babies are expensive. Check out my adorable date for the night!


I have been stalking the Instagram feed of Elliott’s Gallery for quite some time now, becoming familiar with the work they showcased and the artists they featured. I was particularly excited for the work by Christopher Stott and Jeff Nebeker. A little behind the scenes information, Stott is a Canadian artist who creates (phenomenal) still life paintings using oil on canvas. One day, when I become a successful whatever I decide to be, I shall purchase one of his FIVE GRAND paintings! Talk about good money. He is so incredibly talented, most of his work from his one-man show has already been sold. By the time Lillie and I came to view his exhibit there were only a couple paintings left. Luckily, my favorite piece was still there: a still life of antique bottles. It’s like they knew I was coming!


Jeff Nebeker is a Sacramento based artist who creates delicious ceramic creations that will not give you an ounce of fat! His work looks almost real enough to eat, but I wouldn’t recommend taking a bite out of any of the pieces unless you have really great dental coverage. He also creates ceramic busts of people who I did not care enough to research. Sorry Nebeker!


After looking at our favorite artists, we strolled through the rest of the gallery. It was really nice because we were the only people there besides the folks who manage the gallery. So taking pictures and looking silly was absolutely easy and worry free!


After we looked through the entire gallery, it was time to explore the rest of the city (or at least the walk-able portion that was near us). First things first, we needed some hydration. And where else do basic white girls get their fill of liquids other than Starbucks? So of course we went to the nearest one and ordered their very delicious iced tea. I happened to be wearing one of my favorite giraffe-print shirts (I say one of because I have several) which seems to be a great conversation starter. The barista instantly complimented it and went on to make small chatter about how she lives by the Sacramento Zoo and the giraffe exhibit is right behind her house! After taking our orders (and correctly spelling my name) I was pleasantly surprised when I got my drink.


That basically made my day! At this point I decided I was hungry, but Lillie had just ate so we didn’t want to go to a restaurant. Luckily she had half of her Chipotle still in her car, but no fork. So with our drinks in our hands we went on a mission to find a fork and simultaneously explore the rest of Midtown, stopping to take silly pictures with “cool” fences, walls, and even an abandoned school.


And since we’re in Midtown, we had to stop by the best macaron shop in our city: Ginger Elizabeth’s. This made Lillie a very happy camper, and I got my fork from them! Yay!


So now we have a fork and Lillie got her macarons, we started heading back to our cars to get the delightful Chipotle! On our way back, we stopped by a vintage store (obviously you can’t pass it up) and admired all the cool, over-priced, old things that we love for some odd reason. There was one corner that featured a map of the United States of FREEDOM (just kidding) and I instantly wanted that to be in my room.


After our excursion, I finally got my Chipotle, and we went to a nearby park to relax.


Oh funny story! So while we are just sitting there casually on the grass, eating and chit-chatting about nonsense, some random girl comes up to us and asks if we smoke pot! I wasn’t sure if I should be offended that we looked like we would, or laugh at the strangeness of it all. I chose the latter because, duh! After I finished eating, and we were tired of sitting, and the grass started to make our jeans damp, we decided to keep walking the rest of Midtown. We passed some really cool places, and at one point we were on a street that I had never seen and made me feel almost like I was not in Sacramento anymore. Talk about being a tourist in your own backyard! We walked all the way to the State Capitol and then back (making many circles in the same area at one point) before it started to get dark.


After coming back to the abandoned school and climbing the roof trying to find a way to get it, I got hungry again. But in my defense, a lot of time passed by and the only thing I had that day was half of Lillie’s Chipotle and a delectable macaron. So we went to a sushi restaurant we had passed maybe a dozen times while making our circles earlier in the day. After eating it was pretty late at night, so we decided to call it a night.

It was such a relaxing day, and I was so excited to see my city from a different point of view. I loved that we did not have any specific place we needed to go and just walked in circles taking in all that was around us. After seventeen years of living in Sacramento, I finally feel like I know some local “secrets” and hidden spots. Maybe next time I will go to a different part of Sacramento, and see what they have to offer. But that’s it for now, until my next thought!

Ciao bella! ❤



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  1. Ahhhh!! I love this! Almost feel like I was right there with you! ❤️❤️ Keep posting girl! I wish I had better internet! Half the bottom photos didn’t load 😭😭

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  2. Got all the photos to load!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Oh. Em. Ge!!! I love the photos!!! 😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

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