It’s the Little Things

The other day (me being the responsible car owner that I am) I finally got around to changing the oil in my car. Please do not take my example and wait to change your oil until you have reached 10k+ miles since your last oil change, and your brother-in-law continually guilt trips you into realizing that no, your life is not in order (thanks Roman, you’re probably the only reason I did it at all). “That’s great Ollie,” you say, but let me tell you this was no simple task, so put your sarcastic comments aside. Since I have bought my adorable Beetle, I have only changed her oil twice. The first time, I took her to Walmart and simply paid a ridiculous bill of $90 and they did all the work for me. The second time, my Dad told me to go to my uncle. And go to my uncle I did. Little did I know, I had to purchase the oil and filter myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against paying for the items, it is the selection that got my head spinning. Long story short, I bought the wrong oil (and quantity, who knew you needed more than one bottle per oil change). So after consulting with my uncle I went back to Walmart to return the bottle I originally bought and buy the stuff my car actually liked! While standing in the “Customer Service” line (trying to make sure the man next to me with a cart full of items did not cut), I came across a rack of postcards! Me being me, I picked up three. Unintentional rhyming. What can I say? The gangster rapper in me just keeps trying to coming out. Any who, I ended up returning the original bottle I bought and getting the right oil. I image my car is very happy now and I feel good about being so (sort of) responsible. And in case you were wondering or happened to run into the same problem, a 2007 VW Beetle needs this oil and this filter. Who am I kidding? I’m just putting it here so I remember what I need to buy next time I change my oil! And if it happens to help anyone else, even better!

Today I finally got around to sending out the remainder of the postcards that I got from my trip to New York and Florida, as well as the ones I picked  up at Walmart. I am especially excited for the postcard I got while waiting in line to return the oil. It has a drawing of my home state, California, with all the little cities and parks we have here.


This postcard I will not be sending out to anyone, but rather keeping it for myself as a checklist of places I need to visit! On the back of the card, I listed all the “points of interest” featured on the card and then checked off the ones I have already been to. To my (very pleasant) surprise, I have been to almost half of the places shown on the card! I don’t know what it is about seeing your accomplishments on a piece of paper that makes me so excited, but that is exactly what happened! It is now my goal to check off the remainder of these places and hopefully pick up postcards from each stop I make!


So basically, I just wanted to make this post because I got really excited about my checklist that I created. Thank you for sticking through ’till the end. Until next time when hopefully I’ll have something more adventurous to talk about!




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  1. Ollie! I love this lol it’s so you! I can hear you talking the whole time ❤️

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  2. Whaaatttt?!?!?!?! I didnt even know this one was already posted!!! *Shame on me* Ill be needing updates from now on (via text message) every time you upload a new blog! Thank you very much!

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  3. I’m not sure how this post slipped by past me… It’s so funny! And see… That’s the good thing about being married… I never have to worry about changing oil! Roman does it for me! And even pesters you until you do it for your car too! Lol

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